Sille Kima is an artist, engineer and a mover in body, sense and sound. Her work is rooted in sensuality and collective ways of being.


Her work looks at the interplay between the setting of boundaries and dissolution within relationships and power structures, with a dedication to scalar approach and directed towards the planetary. They also make music about boredom in love and pollinate tomato blossoms, both on their windowsill and in gardens with open gates. One of those is an open garden and a garden residency she is co-running near Narva Art Residency in Narva, Estonia. 

Their artworks have been shown at Lothringer 13 Florida (Munich), Palazzo Paradiso (Munich), Reaktorhalle (Munich) and recently at a solo exhibition at Viljandi Old Water Tower (Estonia), with words and photographic works having been published in Värske Rõhk magazine and in 'Transobject no 1' publication, which archives the proceedings of SFB42 – a collective bringing together particle physicists, artists and practitioners she is a part of.