Sille Kima is an artist and a musician, living between Berlin, Tallinn and Los Angeles.


Her work is rooted in the haptics of the sonic, looking at the interplay between setting and dissolution of boundaries within intimate relationships and power structures alike. Through the lens of the oral traditions and legacies of belonging from her native east coast of the Baltic Sea, she uses indie pop, spatiotemporally located sound installations, artist film and written word to investigate the grammars of love formed by an exploitative world, while keeping with a dedication to a tenderness of a planetary scale.

Her upcoming album ‘Silly Love Songs (‘cause Love Songs are Always Dead Serious)’ has been reviewed in THE BURNER magazine and she has performed at UNM Festival Reykjavik, Isola di Salina, Centrale di Fies and 48h Neukölln Festival. Her recent artworks have been shown at Kunsthalle Wien, Kanal Galerii Võru, Viljandi Old Water Tower and para/text Berlin.