Sille Kima is an artist and a musician, living between Berlin, Tallinn and Los Angeles.


is  an artist and a musician whose work is rooted in the haptics of the sonic. Ascribing to the poethics of the oral traditions from her  native east coast of the Baltic Sea, as well as Black Radical Tradition, she mixes vocal phantasmagoria, spatiotemporally located sound installations, radio plays, moving image and written word in hopes to dismantle and reinscribe the crooked grammars of love formed by the ongoing legacies of exploitation and colonialism.

Recently, she has been previewing her EP titled  ‘Silly Love Songs (‘cause Love Songs are Always Dead Serious)’ in festivals in Iceland, Italy, Estonia and Berlin and has been reviewed in THE BURNER magazine. These days she is making a film about light – an element simultaneously holding the possibility of both enormous violence and nourishing warmth. She also occasionally teaches at the intersection of land justice and solidarity at the Estonian Academy of Arts and is one of the founders of Kreenholm Plants, an open garden centering radical invitations of belonging through engaging with land in the border town of Narva.

Her recent artworks and collaborations have been shown at Kunsthalle Wien, Kanal Galerii Võru, Centrale di Fies, NIDA Art Colony and para/text Berlin.