At noon on 4th of March, the daylight is brilliant at an airport in Eastern Europe. It is busy, people intent in their phones while ambling through the harsh, sunlit galleries towards gates leading to faraway places. An air of escape is in the equally sun and screen lit halls, every airplane on the landing strip a promise, a guilt and a softening.

On the early hours of 4th of March, 2022, a week into the invasion, Russian armed forces had shelled the Zaporozhzhie nuclear power plant in Ukraine, setting the control quarters of the facility ablaze under the rocket dotted night sky.

“War Crimes // Briliance” is based on a recording from the gate to anywhere, away from the eyewateringly bright clarity of violence. How to look at that light without being blinded nor compelled to never raise eyes ever again?  “War Crimes // Briliance” is an invitation to step in and look up.

4-channel ambisonic installation, produced and performed as part of UNM residency at Dynjandi, IUA, Reykjavik.

Documentation from “War Crimes//Brilliance”, 4-channel ambisonic installation, Sille Kima (2022). Images by the artist and Patrik Ontkovic, courtesy of UNM Iceland.