2024    BRILLIANCE, artist film. (upcoming)

2023    Light shards, a live of Silly love songs extended into a performance with Weronika Zalewska and Karolina Januleviciute for solo exhibition at Kanal Galerii, Võru, Estonia.
2023    Plain ground songs, a durational sound installation and live performance at para/text project space as part of group exhibition “Tit fo Tat” with Twins Corporated, Dalia Maini and Lena Pfäffli, Berlin, Germany.
2023    Nighttime screaming, daytime whispering, a play in 4 acts, with Archive Publishing and Nida Art Colony, at Nida observation tower, Lithuania.
2023    More brilliant than light, more luminous than bright, 4-channel ambisonic sound and 2 channel video installation for solo exhibition at Kanal Galerii, Võru, Estonia.

2022     Kreenholm Buzz, durational sound installation out of collectively gathered sound offerings, Narva Art Residency, Narva, Estonia.
2022    Silly Love Songs, live concert at UNG Nordisk Musik festival, Frikirjkjan Reykjavik, Iceland
2022    War Crimes // Briliance, ambisonic installation, UNG Nordisk Music residency, Reykjavik, Iceland.

2021    holding the lavender twilight, live music performance, Pair Residency, VV Foundation, Latvia.
2021    SKIN HUNGERsolo exhibitionViljandi water tower, Viljandi, Estonia.

2020    A mommy dogs heart, exhibition with Angela Geisenhofer (APHER Jewellery), Lothringer Florida, Munich.

2019    Elements of reality with SFB42, performative reading, TRANSOBJECT, Reaktorhalle, Munich.

2018    |Hidden Variable|, with Andreas Erhart, zine, TRANSOBJECT, Munich.
2018    Floating detectors experiment,  with Mathias Walter, graphic sheet, TRANSOBJECT, Munich.
2018    I know your body better than you do, companion poem for the exhibition of Angela Geisenhofer (APHER Jewellery) and Robin Thomas (heinzmaisonthomas). Palazzo Paradiso, Munich.


SFB42 (Sonderforschungsbereich 42) is a collective of artists and physicists based in Munich. The goal is to produce a third space through an equal dialogue between artists and scientists, within which common objects of knowledge can emerge.


2022         essay-diary about open gardening, co-written with Sandra Kosorotova, for VÄRSKE RÕHK magazine
2019          A series of photographic works for VÄRSKE RÕHK magazine. December 2019 / 62 issue. Tallinn.
2019          TRANSOBJECT, self-published by SFB42 and SFB1258. Munich.


2022    Sonic Foraging, for Kreenholm Plants open garden at NARVA ART RESIDENCY, Narva, Estonia.
2022    Supporting Weathercasting, by Michaela Caskova
                              Lactofermentation, by Sean Roy Parker 
for Kreenholm Plants open garden at NARVA ART RESIDENCY, Narva, Estonia.
2021    Co-organizing the monthly reading group READING THE SEEDS, online, around MASSIA, Estonia.
2021    Supporting Printing with plants, with Karolina Januleviciute for Kreenholm Plants open garden at NARVA ART RESIDENCY, Narva, Estonia.
2021    Reconfiguring Territories: Obschenie, invited by Maria Muuk, co-led with Sandra Kosorotova. NARVA ART RESIDENCY, Narva, Estonia. 

WORKSHOPS participated

2022    What was I thinking?, by Jalal Toufic, ASHKAL ALWAN, Beirut, Lebanon.
2022    Rhythm, Race, Revolution, by Aditi Jaganathan, UoL Goldsmiths. London, UK.
2021     Plasticity, by Marwa Arsanos, with Catherine Malabou, Lama El Khatib, The Institute for Incongruous Translation, ASHKAL ALWAN, Beirut, Lebanon.  
2021     Storytelling for Artists, with Debs Newbold, AXISWEB, Wakefield, UK.
2021     Kindergarten Sessions, with Tarek Atoui, ASHKAL ALWAN, Beirut, Lebanon.
2020    Philosophy of Ecology workshop, with Ben Woodard. MASSIA, Häädemeeste, Estonia.
2020    VAHELÜLI:SPACE platform for exchange around dance and movement. TantsuRUUM, Tallinn, Estonia.
2019    TantsuMASSIIV platform / space for exchange of ideas and experiences around movement and ecology. MASSIA. Häädemeeste, Estonia.
2019    Hiiumaa Dance Festival. Kärdla, Hiiumaa.
2018    Bad Lemons Dance professional training sessions with Daniel Russo and Manuel Molino. Munich, Germany.


Mar 2022           UNG Nordisk Musik Festival residency. Reykjavik, Iceland.
Nov-Dec 2021    PAir, Pavilosta, Latvia. In collaboration with curator João Laia.
Sep-Oct 2021     MUSTARINDA, Hyrynsalmi, Finland.
Aug 2021            NARVA ART RESIDENCY, Narva, Estonia.
Jun 2020            MASSIA officinalis garden residency. MASSIA, Häädemeeste, Estonia.
Nov 2019            KORDON_air. Hiiumaa, Estonia.


2022  & 2023      On-location sound and additional footage assistant to artist Arjuna Neuman, working on “Syncopated green” and “Andcestral clouds, Ancestral Claims”, various locations (UK, Chile, Los Angeles, among others).
2020 – …          Kreenholm Plants, co-initiator of community garden and garden residency, with artist Sandra Kosorotova,  Narva Art Residency (NART), 
                        Narva, Estonia.
2019                Tallinn Photomonth 2019’ contemporary art biennial, co-organiser, Tallinn, Estonia.
2018 & 2019    Various Others art week, assistant, Munich, Germany.
2018 – 2019    Sylvia Lawry Center for Multiple Sclerosis Research, biomedical engineer, Munich, Germany.
2015                Physical therapy intern:
                        for ambulatory rehabilitation at CHIREC, Clinique du Parc Leopold
                        at intensive care unit of HOPITAUX IRIS SUD, Site Joseph Bracops
                        for paediatric rehabilitation at LA CITE JOYEUSE, Centre Arnaud Fraiteur
                        : Brussels, Belgium.


2021 & 2022    ASHKAL ALWAN Home Workspace Programme online. Beirut, Lebanon.
2020 – 2021     Proloogkool experimental open art education programme, Tallinn, Estonia.
2017 – 2018    Technische Universität München with Sylvia Lawry Center for Multiple Sclerosis Research, MA research, computational medicine, health policy.
2015 – 2018    Technical University of Tallinn, Master of Science in Engineering, Healthcare Technology.
2012 – 2015    University of Tartu, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Physiotherapy.
2011 - 2012      University of Tartu, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Theatre, literature, folkloristics and ethnology. (unfinished)

2001 - 2010    Tallinn Nõmme Music School, classical flute, violin & music theory, 
2013 – 2017    HUIK! mixed choir, domestic and international concert activity with contemporary Estonian composers.
1996 - 2011    Estonian Television choirs, international concert and competition activity since 2002.

She got her primary movement education while dancing traditional Estonian and contemporary dance in collectives of University of Tartu, University of Tallinn and Tallinn University of Technology and has been learning dance and movement in various workshops and platforms since 2017.